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Gammarus Shrimp

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Gammarus Shrimp, or scuds, are freshwater crustaceans that are a great source of protein for tropical fish. They are a great source of roughage as well, which aids in proper digestion. They only reach about 1cm in length, making them ideal for even smaller fish such as guppies and cichlids. Since gammarus shrimp are very adaptable and accept a wide range of food, they are very easy to culture. They feed on decaying plant material, algae, and left over fish feed. In some aquariums stocked with fish, they may be able to survive in the the aquarium filters or gravel without any special care or attention. This allows the fish to feed on the scuds opportunistically, like they would in a natural environment. Wild trout heavily fed on scuds are known to be well bodied and very colorful.

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