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Grindal Worm

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Grindal worms, Enchytraeus buchholzi, are closely related to earthworms and they are a great source of protein for fish fry. They are great for fish that have grown out of smaller live foods such as microworms, vinegar eels, and baby brine shrimp.

Ease of cultivating: Moderately easy
Temperature: Room temperature around 70°F (Grindal worms will stop reproducing at temperatures above 90°F)

How to Culture Grindal Worms

- Starter culture
- Container with ventilated lid
- Culture Media (Coconut fiber, soil, peat moss, sponge, etc.)
- Food (Oatmeal, cornmeal, bread, cat food, fish food, etc.)
- Thin clear plastic or glass sheet

1. Add a few inches of moistened culture media into the container.
2. Add starter culture.
3. Sprinkle food on the top of the culture and place the thin sheet of plastic or glass in order to maintain a moist environment (feed sparingly daily or every other day).
4. Cover with ventilated lid and spray water to maintain humidity as needed.

How to Harvest and Feed:
1. Within a week, worms should be climbing up the underside of the plastic or glass sheet (If there are no worms, sprinkle a thin layer of oatmeal on the back side of the sheet).
2. Swipe off the worms on the plastic or glass sheet.
3. If the worms are soiled place them in water to clean them and collect them with a dropper.
4. Feed your fish.

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