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Microworms, Panagrellus redivivus, are small nematodes that are great for feeding fish fry. They measure at a mere 50 microns in diameter and 2 mm in length. Walter Worm and Banana Worm are closely related species to Microworms in the phylum Nematoda. Microworms are known as ‘sour paste nematodes’ as well. It was described as Chaos redivivus in 1767 by Linnaeus. They have been cultured by aquarist for a variety of species of fish fry as live food since the 1930’s. Many fry are very picky eaters and will not acknowledge stagnant food. However, the microworms’ wiggling dance underwater makes them irresistible to even the pickiest eaters. Since microworms sink in water, a bare tank is recommended for feeding unless they are consumed immediately. Uneaten microworms will survive submerged in water for approximately 24 hours. For free swimming nematodes, consider Vinegar eels.

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