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Vinegar Eel

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Vinegar Eel Starter Culture For Sale

Vinegar eels, Turbatrix aceti, are small nematodes that are used in the production of vinegars. Their constant whip-like swimming motion makes them irresistible to fish fry. One of the biggest advantages of feeding vinegar eels to fry is that they can survive in water for a long time, allowing fry to feed on them opportunistically. In addition, since Vinegar eels are free swimming, it allows fry to feed on various water levels. Vinegar eels measure 50 microns in diameter and 2 mm in length. Due to their similar size, specimen feeding on Vinegar eels may benefit from an addition of Moina in their diet as a valuable source of roughage as well.

Culturing Vinegar Eel
Culturing vinegar eels require very little effort and there is practically no maintenance. They are accepting of a very wide range of temperatures as well. The only disadvantage is that they do not reproduce as fast as other nematodes such as Microworms, Walter Worms and Banana Worms.. Vinegar eels produce approximately 50 young every 10 days. A container with a ventilated lid, distilled water, unpasteurized vinegar, and a slice of apple is required to culture vinegar eels. To start the culture, mix the distilled water and unpasteurized vinegar at a 1:1 ratio. Add the slice of apple for food and the starter culture. There is no maintenance for the culture other than replacing the evaporated water. In order to harvest vinegar eels, a coffee filter can be used to separate the vinegar eels from the vinegar.