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Walter Worm

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Walter Worms, Panagrellus Silusioides, were first isolated and cultured when Helmut Walter isolated them in Germany in 2002. They were introduced to California aquarists soon after. They are slightly smaller in comparison to microworms. They are 50 microns in diameter and 1.5 mm in length. Walter worms are irresistible to fish fry due to their constant restless movement underwater. They will survive submerged in water for approximately 24 hours. Microworm and Banana Worm are closely related species to Microworms in the phylum Nematoda. For free swimming nematodes, consider Vinegar eels.

Very little effort is required to culture walter worms. While accepting of wide range of temperatures, the optimum yield will result at 20 to 27 degrees Celcius. Female walter worms will start producing up to 60 young a day after the fourth day. This will continue for the rest of their lifespan, which is 35 days. Only a container, oatmeal, and yeast is required to culture walter worms. First, add a 3 cm layer of moist oatmeal on the container. Next sprinkle a pinch of yeast on the surface and add a starter culture. It is important to maintain a moist surface on the culture at all times. The culture will be ready to harvest within a few days or until the worms start to crawl up the sides of the container. The worms can be harvested by either swiping the worms off the sides of the container or by skimming off the top layer of the culture with a dense population of worms. The latter method may result in grabbing the culture media along with the worms. In this case, the worms can be cleaned in a separate container with water and fed to the fish with a pipette. More of the smaller juvenile walter worms will be collected in the latter method as well compared to the first method.

Nutritional Value
Protein: 48%
Fat: 21%
Glycogen: 7%
Organic Acids: 1%
Nucleic Acids: 1%