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Worm Feeder

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Aquatic Worm Feeder For Sale

Worm feeder for feeding live worms for aquarium fish. The cone worm feeder can be attached inside the aquarium wall with a suction cup or allowed to float freely on the surface. Made of flexible, break-resistant plastic.

Width: 2.75 in
Height: 2.75 in

The worm feeder is ideal for feeding a variety of live worms and foods such as White Worm, Grindal Worm, Microfex worms, Bloodworms, Tubifex worms, Blackworms, Brine Shrimp, Daphnia magna, Daphnia pulex, Moina etc. Other foods such as flake foods and foods in gel form can also be fed through the worm feeder. The worm feeder can help reduce aquarium build-up by slowly dispensing food from a recognizable location for the fish.